Hey Don, wanted to give you a update on the new product (SayWhoa!) for colic relief. On 1/11/2014 I had the horse dentist out to my stable to do dentistry on a older horse.When I brought  the horse in from the field, I noticed that he seemed a little uneasy. I held the horse for the dentist , but he never settled down even after the dentist was done.The dentist wanted to see how he was going to chew his feed so he suggested to give him some oats. He did not want the oats  and was still was very unsettled.Something was not right so I decided to check his temp and listen for gut sounds.His temp was ok ,but very little gut sounds on his right side. Evaluating all the symptons,  I felt he was on the onset of colic. It was Saturday afternoon and I knew it would be hard to get a Vet.  If I could get one it might be hours before he got to my stable. I decided to try the say whoa, colic relief .I dosed him with the proper amount and then checked the time. It was 2:15 pm. I rechecked the horse within the hour and he seemed to be a lot calmer then before. By the time the hour had pasted he had good gut sounds on both sides , I gave him a bran mash at feeding time which he ate right away. I checked him before I went to bed and he looked very settled and there was plenty of manure in his stall.I will be adding the colic relief, say whoa to my first aid kit in my stable and horse trailer.

JT.  2014