37C Kidney Support

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* Supports and maintains a healthy urinary system and kidneys

#37C Kidney Support from Silver Lining Herbs – all-natural herbal dog supplement.
Designed to support normal functioning of the kidneys and urinary system. Kidneys are great cleansers of the body, removing toxins from the blood to be voided from the body in the urine. Normal function of dog’s kidneys and bladder are critical to this process. #37 Kidney Support contains marshmallow, uva ursi, astragalus, corn silk, parsley, chamomile, dandelion, juniper, hydrangea and cranberry. Not for long term use. Directions for use: Caps – feed daily; dogs up to 30 lbs – 1 cap; 30-75 lbs – 2 caps; over 75 lbs – 3 caps. Powder – feed daily; dogs up to 25 lbs – 1/4 scoop (1/8 tsp); 26-50 lbs – 1/2 scoop (1/4 tsp); 51-100 lbs – 3/4 scoop (3/8 tsp); over 100 lbs – 1 scoop (1/2 tsp); 2.5 cc scoop enclosed. For best results skip feeding herbs 1 day per week. Safe use in pregnant dogs has not been proven.