Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Formula Cream for Horses


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Product Description

* Supports joint and muscle health and function
* Creates a one/two punch when combined with Advanced Cetyl M granules
* Made in the USA

Advanced Cetyl M Cream by Response Products.

Proprietary blend of uniquely balanced ingredients, carefully designed to support joint and muscle health and function in horses. Features 100% plant-derived source ofcetyl myristoleate (fatty acid), offering a more targeted approach to joint stress in horses. Promotes comfort and mobility in joints and muscles while quieting the effects of joint stress and irritation. Also contains hyaluronic acid, aloe juice, sunflower seed oil and menthol. Paraben-free; contains no animal by-products. Apply liberally to joint surface twice daily; massage. For more demanding situations, offers a one/two punch when used in combination with Advanced Cetyl M granules. NASC approved.

8 oz size

“I have a 21 year old quarter horse mare that ruptured her gaskin from the stifle to the hock. She was never supposed to walk, trot or canter again, However, by putting Cetyl M Joint Action Cream on faithfully and by cold-hosing, she made a full recovery, which my vet confirmed with an ultrasound. You would never know she had been hurt.”
Sacramento, CA