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Biotin 800 Z is a very palatable, extra strength hoof builder. It is formulated with concentrated, essential ingredients needed to build and maintain healthy, strong and resilient hooves. These key ingredients will also improve the overall condition of skin and hair coat in horses.

Each one ounce daily dose provides 50 mg Biotin, 300 mg Zinc, 75 mg of Copper and 1,000 mg of Methionine. This product contains essential amino acids, chelated (organic) or proteinate minerals*, vitamins and Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids. Yeast cultures have been added to improve digestion of these key ingredients.
Easy to dispense alfalfa based pellet with molasses flavoring.

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Guaranteed Analysis per 1 oz. daily dose:

Ingredient Per Ounce:

Protein 3800 mg/oz
Fat 600 mg/oz
Fiber 2900 mg/oz
Vitamin A 467 mg/oz
Methionine 1,000 mg/oz
Arginine 280 mg/oz
Isoleucine 155 mg/oz
Lysine 160 mg/oz
Cysteine 60 mg/oz
Threonine 130 mg/oz
Potassium 250 mg/oz
Zinc 300 mg/oz
Biotin 50 mg/oz
Copper 75 mg/oz
Magnesium 75 mg/oz
Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids 275 mg/oz

Organic Zinc, Copper Might Help Horsehair Health

The Horse – June 2010

In the hunt for healthier horsehair, researchers in Poland claim to have found basic dietary ingredients that will improve the strength and elasticity of individual strands of manes and tails. According to their new study, forms of zinc and copper have beneficial effects on the mechanical properties of horsehair.

Researchers in the biomechanics, electron microscopy and mechanical engineering departments at Wroclaw University, led by Malgorzata Kania, MSc, analyzed 36 mane hairs extracted from each of 18 healthy Thoroughbred horses before and after a testing period of 110 days. During that time, a third of the horses received a feed supplement containing organic zinc and copper; a third received one with inorganic zinc and copper; and a third received no dietary supplements at all. All horses received oats and hay as part of their regular diet. Malgorzata’s group found that the horses without supplements had little change in hair properties during the study, but the supplemented groups showed significant biomechanical differences.

Inorganic zinc and copper made the hair strands thicker and more elastic, but weaker, according to the study. However, organic zinc and copper caused the hair to be stronger and more elastic, albeit slightly thinner. Even so, these results should be considered with caution.

– Christa Leste-Lasserre