Equine Sugar Balance – pelletized

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An herbal blend which supports normal sugar metabolism, nourishes the glandular system, helps restore normal thyroid function.

Recommended Amount: 2 scoops per day based on a 1,000 lb. horse. (1 ounce scoop provided)

Ingredients:  Fenugreek – reduce blood gluclose levels, improve gluclose tolerance. Kelp – trace minerals necessary for metabolic activity, high iodine content to support thyroid function.  Burdock – very high in chromium, zinc, and magnesium needed for sugar balance and overal glandualr balance.  Siberian Ginseng – balance adrenal and thyroid function, increase stamina and endurance.  Dandelion – support the lover’s role in blood sugar balance.  Cleavers – rich source of iodine for the thyroid, excellent for overall glandular balance, good herb to cleanse the kidneys.  Nettle:  High in zinc for blood sugar balance, stimulates circulation, mild diuretic.  Cinnamon:  reduce blood sugar levels, increase natural produciton of insulin.

Available:  3 lbs – 5 lbs – 10 lbs

Customer Testimonials:

Sugar Balance

Hi Don,
Just received your phone message… I am AMAZED at how the Sugar Balance has worked !! I have a mare that I show in reining and she has continued to have a weight problem. She’s fat, has a nice coat but not slick and has low energy. I had blood work done on her and it didn’t reveal anything that could be corrected with drugs or diet change. She eats next to nothing, I had her on a low carb grain last year but it didn’t do much except drain my pocket book.  So I was hunting for something online for a cough and came across a testimonials about your products. I found the Allergy formula and saw the Sugar Balance and thought what the heck I’ll give it a try. Foxy was put on sugar balance June 8, today is June 23 and I can’t believe the difference in this mare’s physical apperance in just 2 weeks. She is shedding to beat the band. She has more energy but isn’t hot or stupid. I’m still only feeding her about 1/2 pound of grain 2x’s a day and a couple of flakes of good hay twice a day. She had no issues accepting the additives to her feed either. Great product ! I will definitely be ordering more. By the way …. the Allergy Herbal works great too !!!! I’ve used it when this gelding had a flare up coughing fit. I gave it to him for a couple of days and he’s great.

Thanks Don for some great stuff ….  I’m going to check out what other products you have !

Ann Lamb
Ticonderoga, NY 2009