Super Immune Booster

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A unique blend of natural herbs developed to provide optimal support to strengthen the immune system in horses suffering from EPM.

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Product Description

A unique blend of natural herbs developed to provide optimal support to strengthen the immune system in horses suffering from EPM.

Recommended Amount:  2 oz. per day based upon 1,000 lb. horse. (1ounce scoop provided)

Available: 3 lb., 5 lb. and 10 lb.

Active Ingredients: Clever, Hawthorne Berry, Garlic, Rosehip, Nettle, Kelp, Red Clover, and  Pau De Arco Bark


Customer Testimonials:

SUPER IMMUNE BOOSTER: I started my gelding on the SUPER IMMUNE BOOSTER on the recommendation of a local horse rescue that swears by it. Samson has been through a rough year, which included a hospitalization for pneumonia, and the diagnosis and treatment of EPM. I chose to start him on your SUPER IMMUNE BOOSTER right after I finished his conventional treatment, and I am still ama…zed at the results. He has never looked or felt better. With all the health problems he went through in the last year, I had decided to retire him, but after a month or two of being on your supplement, I am starting to reconsider! He has been galloping and playing in the field, has put the last few pounds on that we were struggling to maintain, and has so much life compared to the depressed-looking guy he used to be. I have never been a huge believer in herbal products, but this experience has really forced me to reconsider. I can’t thank you enough, and look forward to many more orders with you! ~

Becca Macanas



I’m happy to share my experience with your herbal remedies for horses.   My five year old mare developed a sudden eye problem.  The eye was swollen and with considerable discharge.  My vet was concerned that this was a potentially very serious condition and recommended that she be seen at the University Equine Hospital.  Following examination and laboratory tests, it was determined that her condition was consistent with a diagnosis of eosinophillic keratitis.  A levage system was surgically installed so that medication could be administered.   The treatment was aggressive and eventually involved surgery.  Unfortunately,  every possible side effect to the medications was realized.  Steroid treatment resulted in a fungal infection and her hospital stay resulted in a serious staph infection.  After a very expensive three weeks in the hospital,  I did bring her home.   Both eyes were closed and there was considerable pussy discharge on examination.  Most of the required 7 medications were designed to treat the side effects of previously given medications.  After one week,  my vet thought one eye was lost and would eventually have to be removed.  The sight in the other eye was marginal but the recommendation was to continue the medication in hopes of saving that eye.  I sought a second opinion which basically confirmed the above diagnoses with the added observation that she was likely to lose the sight in her “good eye” and it might be wise to consider putting her down.  At this point,  against medical advice,  I had the lavage system removed and stopped all traditional medical treatment.  In looking for an alternative,  I found Equine Science and decided to try the combination of IMMUNE BOOSTER, CIPEX and EYE SUPPORT.   My mare has now been on this combination for approximately one month.  Both eyes are now open and there is no longer any discharge.  Approximately 75% of both eyes are brown and look normal.  There are some remaining white spots but these do appear to be getting smaller.  I have taken her on short trail rides over hilly, uneven terrain without a misstep. She is in the pasture with other horses and clearly can see.  It is great to observe her running flat out on flat and hilly surfaces.   I plan to keep her on this combination throughout the coming year.   I am a psychologist and very aware of the role of research in determining care in the medical community.   The treatment my mare received at the University Equine Hospital was standard medical practice and certainly supported by the available research.  Herbal remedies obviously do not enjoy the same kind of medical support.  Even so,  what happened and is happening to my mare cannot be discounted .   At the very least,  one must conclude that alternative medicine and in particular, this combination of herbal remedies has had a positive outcome.  Thanks Don.   Joanne


I was incorrect on telling you how long I had been feeding Tiffany the Cipex. It is now just 12 days. This week we have seen a huge improvement!! Yesterday she actually extended her trot and trotted without pain. She was the best she has ever been!! My daughter is beyond excitement.
Thank You!!!!!

Virginia and Heather B.
Abilene, Texas, Oct 2011


Super Immune Booster


I wanted to let you know my mini Macaroni seems to be doing good on the Super Immune Booster for EPM. Macaroni is able to stay in the field with his buddy Rosie. (my 24 year old quarter horse). They can’t be out of each others sight for to long.. He seems to be getting his strength back slowly. My vet said it could take up to 3 or more months because we don’t know how damaged the EPM caused. I told him I had him on your product and said that  it was great.. It was worth a try was alot cheaper than baycox..   Thanks so much

Ardena Dailey – 2009


Immune Booster

Have to tell you we are seeing some pretty Great results with the Immune Booster.  Had a horse with perdontal abscess had a $3000 dollar surgery won’t heal big big mess was to the point we where just going to sell…. it seems as if it is healing he is looking and feeling well …. also have a young horse doing poorly won’t keep weight on had his teeth done and chiro work still doing poorly we started him and I think with a 1-1/2 weeks I am seeing a difference too …. our daughters horse got a hoof abscess this spring won’t heal we started him and we are riding him !!!!!!!!!!

Mark Larive
Sturgis, SD  2009


Super Immune Booster

Wonderful!  It has been a miracle for my horse with EPM. He was a 3 on a scale of 1-4, with 4 being down and not able to get up.  It took four of us to walk him out of his stall because his balance and use of all four legs was affected. I had him on the Marquis I prescribed by the vet for two weeks then, added Super Immune Booster and by the third week, just one week of Super Immune Booster, he was able to walk on his own and safe enough to be outside in his paddock!  He’s been improving steadily since.  He’ll be on Super Immune Booster for the rest of his life.  Thank you so much!

Debbie Smith


Super Immune Booster AND Eye Support

I want to thank you so much for your wonderful products! I have been using Eye Support since shortly after my Tennessee Walking Horse mare was in an accident and clinically diagnosed to have lost her sight in one of her eyes. Within weeks of taking the herbs, she gradually stopped tilting and turning her head to see. Now, after continued use, her eye will even respond to movement and activity on that side. The product does everything you said it would for my girl!

Thank you again for another wonderful product. My Tennessee Walking Horse gelding was diagnosed with EPM and after going through traditional treatment I felt it just wasn’t enough. I really didn’t want to put him through another course of treatment. Since I have had wonderful experiences with many of your other products, I called you to see if there was a product to help with EPM. After you recommended I try Super Immune Booster, it all came together. His attitude and willingness have come back! His ability to cope with stress is back. He has returned to the calm, friendly, patient mount that had disappeared when EPM set in. Words could never express my continued thanks!

Lynn McLaughlin
Canaan, NJ

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