Ultra Shield EX Fly Mask

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Product Description

* Rip-Shield® tear-resistant material gives ultra protection from flies and the sun
* Contour design provides better fit and comfort
* Features stitched-in loop for easy, convenient lead attachment

Ultra Shield EX Fly Mask – Specially designed by a team of horse experts to provide a comfortable fit while giving maximum protection for horse’s face, ears and jowls. Constructed of technically advanced, durable Rip-Shield® tear-resistant material for season-long protection. Lightweight, heat-reflecting, see-through screening allows greatest visibility. Keeps out flies and the infections they carry, plus gnats, dirt and debris. Full-coverage face protection (longer face panel!) with eye darts provides a comfortable fit. Soft, flexible netting ideal for sensitive areas such as ears, jowl and throat-latch. Blocks out sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Added stitched-in loop for easy, convenient lead attachment. Horse size features two adjustable safety releases that allow for secure, customized fit; Small horse size has one release. Guaranteed to last 1 fly season.

“If you’re looking for a lightweight but durable mask, this is it…Easy to see through and will keep out even the tiniest bugs.”
Horse Journal, May 2012